Zone.rf topped 900 thousand registered domains

In the national domain zone.rf the night of Friday 900,000th registered domain – in order to overcome this limit, it took about a year after the start of open enrollment in November 2010. For comparison, in the area. Ru domain three-million came 16 years after the start of registration. Of the domains already registered more than(…)

Firefox 7.0 released

The Mozilla Project has officially introduced the release of web-browser Firefox 7.0, which is included in the long-awaited developments to reduce memory consumption. In the next few hours on the beta testing will go 8 and Firefox branch will be separated aurora-branch Firefox 9. Release of Firefox is expected to 8 at 6 weeks, in mid-November, and(…)

Google is celebrating its 13th anniversary

One of the largest Internet companies Google said on Tuesday its 13th anniversary, on this occasion, on the main page of search engine published doodle (Doodle). To doodle, prepared a birthday of the company, shown her name – Google, sitting” at the holiday table. When clicking on the Dudley resource redirects users to a page with(…)

Google + traffic increased 12 times after the start of open registration

Google + social network traffic has increased more than 12 times per week, when the registration on the site was open, and in the U.S. during the same period the number of unique visitors to social networks has grown 15 times, according to the research company Experian Hitwise. Traffic of Google + increased by more(…)

Fastest Internet in South Korea

If you thought that your internet connection can be faster, try to compare it with the world’s total. The task set before him by researchers from the company Pando Networks, which specializes in working with computer games. They studied the speed of the Internet in the global competition. As the results of the study, the average worldwide is(…)

OpenStack Diablo to strengthen the power of the cloud

OpenStack , cloud operating system open source, went into the release of Diablo, the fourth version of the product. OpenStack Diablo allows users to automate and control the computer pools, storage and network resources, covering vast areas and numerous data centers, all with improved scalability, performance and networking capabilities.   Diablo adds new features in three key(…)

The use of tablets for remote access is becoming the norm

Ability to work remotely on the staff of the tablets and smart phones is a major priority for companies in the private and public sectors, according to a study conducted by National Computing Centre (NCC). Investigation of Benchmark of IT Spending and Strategy in 2011 (estimated cost of IT and Strategy 2011) found that 72% of companies(…)

Mobile phones cause children’s myopia

Once long ago, decades ago, having its own radio was considered a sign of special luxury. Then came the black and white TVs, then they changed color, and today we got into a future where mobile phones have all comers, in fact, cellular communication today is worth as much and is fixed. Kids today are played with(…)

Twitter MMS

In the microblogging service Twitter the opportunity to publish images from your phone via MMS-messages. This was reported in an official blog service. Due to the limitation of the service in 140 characters per message, MMS, the user can add a text of no more than 120 characters, as another 20 are reserved for links to content published by(…)

The number of Facebook users has exceeded 800 million

Daily site visits of 500 million Facebook users, Zuckerberg said on Thursday at a conference for developers F8 in San Francisco, where they were released optimized user interface and an updated social network platform for multimedia, gaming news and third-party online resources. The number of active users of the world’s largest social networking site Facebook(…)