USPTO has recognized a key Apple patent invalid

The verdict of the jury, have recognized Samsung in violation of a number of patents of Apple, in connection with which it will have to reimburse the American company for damages of more than $1 billion, is increasingly questioned, since it is the second patent as those identified in this lawsuit, according to the preliminary(…)

AnyGlove liquid to use on touchscreen with gloves

For the owners of touchscreen phones there is a good reason not to love the cold season, capacitive touch screens on most cell phones accept the team, give only bare hands and a special stylus. This means that every time we have to remove the gloves and once again freeze our hands, because the touch(…)

Microsoft did not pay UK tax on profits of $ 2.7 billion

Software giant translated online-payments in Ireland and Luxembourg, where the tax rate is much lower. Microsoft did not pay taxes to the British Government from its online-sales of its new operating system Windows 8 and other developments, which is £ 1,7 billion (about $ 2.7 billion). In order to evade the software giant takes payments(…)

Firmware for Plextor M5 Pro increases reading speed up to 100,000 IOPS

Released in early August, a series of 2.5 “solid state drives Plextor M5 Pro professional class received a firmware update that improved work multicore controller Marvell 88SS9187 Monet and speed random read from 94 thousand to 100 thousand operations of input-output operations per second (IOPS), at This random write speed remained the same – 86,000(…)

Netcraft: In November 2012 the number of sites on the Internet has increased by 8,000,000

Earlier this year, on Internet there were more than 633 million Web sites and personal blogs. The company Netcraft reported data on the number of sites and personal blogs, which operated on the internet at the beginning of December 2012. According to the company’s report, to date, the network has been fixed with 633,706,564 portals.(…)

Google Chrome maintains its leading position in the market of Internet browsers

According to the company StatCounter, the most popular browser today is Google Chrome. Analyst firm StatCounter gives evidence that the share of Google Chrome on the market of browsers for the last month has increased from 34.77% to 35.72%. Indicators browser Opera, on the contrary, have worsened – its market share has dropped from 1.63%(…)

Google will allow free access to search, Google+ and Gmail

Google has talked about exciting new project. It is called the Free Zone and is designed for users in developing countries. Free Zone will allow free use of the search engine Google Search, Gmail e-mail client and a social network Google+, ie when visiting these sites mobile operator will not be withdrawn from the account(…)

Twitter apologizes for accidentaly sending messages to change passwords

Social networking service Twitter apologized to users for a large-scale mailing notices of the need to change the password to access their accounts. The company did this by mistake, during a routine check-up accounts for hacking. Twitter regularly conducts such tests, and in case of unreliable account blocking it and ask the user to change(…)

Change WordPress Theme back to Default

Hey! Don’t worry if you had a screw up with the new wordpress theme. Just login to your server’s phpmyadmin: database check the current settings : SELECT * FROM wp_options WHERE option_name = ‘template’ OR option_name = ‘stylesheet’ OR option_name = ‘current_theme’; Then update those details to set the default to “twentyten” or any workable(…)

Facebook will pay $ 9.5 million for breach of privacy of users

The Court of Appeal in the United States has recognized the appropriateness of compensation of $ 9.5 million, which is the world’s largest social network Facebook will have to pay people whose rights to privacy had been violated, according to Reuters. In 2007, Facebook launched a feature Beacon, which began broadcasting friends to get info(…)