Alienware X51 gaming PC on sale with Ubuntu

Dell, began selling the game “nettop” Alienware X51 with the operating system Ubuntu . Thus, the computer can be set, for example, Steam for Linux and play games such as Team Fortress 2 or Serious Sam. Available in various configurations, the cheapest will cost $599. Since Ubuntu is a free operating system, the buyer can(…)

Digg ready to replace Google Reader

Digg announced that it has started hard work on creating an RSS-aggregator, which should make up for the loss of Google Reader. Recall that Google has announced the imminent closure of the service in the “spring cleaning”. From July 1 Google Reader will not function, and ┬ápeople who use it, will have to find some(…)

History of Consumer Electronics Show in Photos

After a few days of opening its doors to one of the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show – Consumer Electronics Show.┬áCES opening is scheduled for January 8, the show will continue for four days, until 11 January. The first Consumer Electronics Show was held in June 1967 in New York. 14 companies showed their(…)

CES 2013: Gorilla Glass 3 will be even stronger

Corning, maker of the famous glass Gorilla Glass, which is often used in today’s smartphones, said it will demonstrate at CES 2013 a new version of its product. It claims it will have a number of advantages over Gorilla Glass 2, shown in January last year at the same exhibition. According to preliminary data, Gorilla(…)

The most popular Wikipedia articles of 2012

What would we do without the online encyclopedia Wikipedia? Of course, the information will be extracted once, but with this resource life has become easier. 2012 was rich in various events, but the most interesting users of encyclopedia shown to be from social network Facebook, a young British band One Direction and the Maya civilization,(…)

Google began to track purchases in offline stores

Google Inc. has announced ( on the site of the subsidiary Doubleclick ) the development of new software interfaces Conversions API , which will allow advertisers to combine online and offline methods to monitor the users / customers, which means that the introduction of more advanced and functional system of targeted advertising. With Conversions API(…)

Oracle showed better than expected quarterly results

Oracle Corporation today reported a profit for the second fiscal quarter, was higher than analysts’ forecasts due to increased demand for internet services in Oracle’s business environment. Earlier the head of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison announced a strategy, according to which it should be in the current fiscal year, which expires in June 2013, had(…)

Twitter launches the option of downloading message archive

Remember the joke about downloading “the whole internet”, common in the early days of the World Wide Web? Laugh laugh, but some Twitter users have had the opportunity to do this trick, though, of course, only to archive their messages in this popular microblogging site. As reported by the network media, optionally download all tweets(…)

Instagram users outraged

Instagram photo hosting service, introduced in paragraph Agreement under which it reserves the commercial rights to sell all photos uploaded by users. In this case, the owner of images will not receive any fees. Changes will take effect from 16 January 2013. From that day, the company will retain the right to manage the photos(…)

Apple’s iPhone violates patent rights of Sony and Nokia

A jury of the Federal Court of Delaware found that iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4 illegally use patented technology. Federal grand jury in Delaware, USA, found that Apple iPhone violates three patents owned by patent-holding MobileMedia Ideas, formed the company Sony, Nokia, and MPEG LA. The jury’s verdict was announced on Thursday after seven days(…)