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Smartphone with versatile form factor

Modern manufacturers of mobile devices are thinking too narrow-minded, shamelessly copying from each other with fresh ideas and relying exclusively on marketing considerations. High technology has long ceased to be a place for free creativity. The problem is that the development and release of each new model is too expensive, and risk money no one wants. And(…)

Samsung Nexus Prime is like a Nexus S and will be released in the U.S. for all operators?

Resource Thedroidguy reports with reference to certain employees Samsung, that the anticipated smartphone Nexus Prime appearance is strongly reminiscent of modern Nexus S, but will be above and slightly thicker (perhaps because of the support LTE). The device has an 8-megapixel rear and a 2-megapixel front camera, supports NFC, MHL, and HDMI. The front side of(…)

Android Ice Cream Sandwich will be released in November

Google introduced in October and November a new version of the Android operating system, code-named Ice Cream Sandwich, designed to reduce the fragmentation of the platform, the website Android and Me, with reference to the statement of the Board of Directors Eric Schmidt. Google is currently developing two versions of Android, one of which (Gingerbread)(…)

LG is preparing a new 2-core smartphone Optimus Note

LG is preparing to bring to market new smartphone LG Optimus Note. And recently in the network has the first photos of this gadget, which proved to be quite attractive QWERTY-slider. In LG Optimus Note uses a 2-core chip Tegra 2 with 1.2 GHz, 4-inch display with a NOVA-WVGA-resolution camera with 5MR LED-flash, a frontal VGA-camera,(…)

Apple announces a set of prototypes for security guard

And this is absolutely the right move. If so, practice has shown that in all endeavors to guide Apple ordinary employees of the company still continues to hang around in bars with costly prototypes in your pocket and forget these devices on the racks, it is stupid to try to dismiss all employees and gain a(…)

Seventh beta version of iOS 5 confirmed a 3.7-inch display in iPhone 5

Throughout the summer, the Internet is not just rumors appeared, indicating that the new iPhone will display the fifth generation of larger than usual. Often, these rumors are confirmed as spy shots and engineering models of the new smartphone. It was assumed that by decreasing the distance between itself and the edge of the screen housing unit(…)

10 most common iPhone passwords

The problem of weak passwords is not limited to computers. This fact was found application developer, who added a code to identify user’s password to one of their applications. “Because the password input screen and lock screen in Big Brother [discussion software] are almost identical to the protection provided by the iPhone, I found that(…)

iPhone has grown to BlackBerry

Here comes the time that each user is waiting for BlackBerry from the output of the first iPhone. In iOS 5 there will be an interesting supplement to the Messaging applicaiton. Module called iMessage will provide an opportunity to chat to owners of the two devices running iOS. It does not matter which ones of(…)

Jailbreak iOS 5 made within 24 hours

The hackers said they easily coped with combination locks in the latest version of Apple iOS, so now you can launch applications, not officially approved by the company. iOS 5 was submitted on Monday, and the beta version was available only limited number of developers. After several hours of team members iPhone Dev Team hackers(…)

Electronic wallet Google: requires research

The new technology of mobile payments Google Wallet represents a step forward, say experts security, but it still has shortcomings that may make it vulnerable to attacks. New application for phones Android, submitted last week, stores payment information is encrypted. Encryption keys are stored in special hardware chip, known as the Secure Element. Products uses(…)