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Samsung Galaxy Nexus: Ice Cream Sandwich

This time the company «Google» left alone with toys and «Samsung» provided to our attention «Galaxy Nexus» runs on OS «Ice Cream Sandwich», says “AytiHak.”We all understand that in the winter cold dessert totally out of place, so the company «Google» to the holiday season has prepared us for a hot version of the OS(…)

Samsung bada unite with the mobile OS Tizen

Samsung has announced its intention to consolidate its mobile platform bada operating system Tizen. This was stated by vice-president of the Korean corporation Tae-Jin Kang, writes Forbes. According to him, the relevant work is already underway, but when it is finished, is still unknown. In the end Tizen will support applications created with the SDK bada. Koreans promise not only(…)

iPhone 5 will be released in the fall and get more slim

According to analysts, bank Morgan Stanley, a new version of the iPhone will be released in the third quarter of this year and will be slightly thinner than the existing iPhone models are now 4 and 4S. According to analyst Katy Huberty Morgan Stanley, iPhone 5 will be thinner than the fourth generation of the smartphone(…)

Apple creates a 3D-interface for iPhone and iPad

In the future, desktop mobile operating system, Apple iOS can turn into a virtual room, and touch screen – the window. The patent application Sensor Based Display Environment reveals details 3D-interface, which may in future be used in mobile products, Apple.The application was filed in July 2011 and recently published Bureau of the U.S. Patent(…)

Huawei launched the world’s thinnest smartphone

The thinnest smartphone in the world from Huawei equipped with a 2-core processor and a 4.3-inch display, it has a thickness of 6.68 mm. China’s Huawei Device announced Ascend P1 S – according to the manufacturer, the thinnest smartphone in the world. Its thickness is 6.68 mm. It is 0.02 mm thinner Fujitsu Arrows F-07D, which held(…)

First look at the smartphone Fujitsu Arrows Kiss F-03D

“Women’s smartphone on Android» – is as rare a thing in fact, as the machine DeLorean DMC-12 from the movie “Back to the Future” from next door. That is such machine somewhere is even available, but see the “Delorean” on the road is almost impossible, even if you live in America. The company recently introduced its HTC-oriented(…)

CES 2012: Lenovo shows a new Smart TV, tablets and smartphones

Chinese computer maker Lenovo laptops and today announced new products that the company had prepared for demonstration at CES, opening 2012. Chinese producer shows a new 55-inch TV with smart, new tablets and smartphones, as well as its own cloud service to work with all the new content. A new 55-inch TV K91 runs on Android(…)

Jailbreak for iPhone 4S may appear on next week

Jailbreak for Apple iPhone 4S smartphones can appear as early as next week. This was announced in his Twitter developer, disguised under the pseudonym @ pod2g. Jailbreak for iPhone 4S smartphones and plashetov iPad 2 running on the operating system iOS 5.0.1, was available before, but it required to connect the gadget to your computer every(…)

Aquaphone – phone “in glass”

South Korean designer Bong Koo Cen (Bon Seop-Ku) shared his vision of the future of mobile phones, namely phones from Samsung. The concept called Aquaphone  is very fragile, at least outwardly, a fragile design and is comprised almost entirely of water. Of course, the implementation of such a device is not the issue today. Although the concepts(…)

Details on the tablet Google Nexus: it will be small and cheap

Google tablet will be equipped with a 7-inch display, and its price will not exceed $ 199. He will compete with the Amazon Kindle Fire, and not Apple iPad, as originally reported. The publication DigiTimes has revealed some details about the tablet Google Nexus Tablet, which Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) will release within six months.According to the resource,(…)