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BlackBerry offers the use of conditional knock to unlock phones

It took six years of  Research in Motion (RIM), to obtain a patent for an ingenious interface innovation. Back in 2006, the company Research in Motion has filed a patent application describing a new way to unlock the phone. Instead of consuming the password, you can just tap your finger on the back of the device and the(…)

MWC 2012: Acer CloudMobile smartphone with HD-display

Company Acer, as promised recently demonstrated at the exhibition MWC 2012 its flagship smartphone Acer CloudMobile .The model actually has a 4.3-inch Touch HD-display – the resolution is 1280 x 800 pixels. According to eyewitnesses from the exhibition, a display technology with IPS, really impressive viewing angles. At the same time the work is not done on quad NVIDIA Tegra(…)

iPhone can be hacked using a paper clip

“Hack» iPhone can be used only if the screen is a notification of missed calls. Members of the group of developers iPhoneIslam discovered a security breach iPhone, which allows using a simple paper clip to bypass the password smartphone and access to personal data by the device. “Hack” the device can be used only if(…)

5-inch smartphone LG Optimus Vu now official

LG Electronics has introduced a bit earlier than expected its new smartphone LG Vu Optimus . We recall on this model, we have several times mentioned in the news, it is regarded as a rival smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note . The smartphone is quite lived up to expectations. It really is the large model with a large 5-inch touch-IPS-display, whose resolution is 1024 x(…)

Phone LG A290 three SIM-card now official

An interesting phone LG A290 , which supports the work of the three SIM-cards. Now, LG Electronics officially unveiled this model in the Ukraine, the description appeared on the site of the Korean manufacturer. To all, the new LG-A290 has a 1,500 mAh battery, which extends up to 15 contact hours of continuous talk time, and “hot” button on(…)

LG Optimus Vu – a smartphone with a rare display ratio of 4:3

LG has released a teaser trailer in Korea, pointing to the imminent appearance on the market of that country a model called LG Optimus Vu. Unfortunately, the full information about the model is still unknown, but some features, LG has announced yet. Features LG Optimus Vu: Display: 5 inch, 4:3, 1024 x 768 pixels Processor:(…)

New firmware allows you to manage Galaxy Note with one hand

Samsung has started to spread in Europe, the new firmware version for Smartphone with 5.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Note, which improves the ergonomics of the device, reports Unwired View. In a new firmware update has been added on-screen keyboard, which includes five rows of keys located near the top number keys. In a previous firmware version number(…)

Buyer’s Guide to choose a phone for $100-200

What people want from a mobile phone? For some it is simply a means of communication, someone accustomed to always put new applications, and for many the main factor when choosing a cell phone is “LP” battery. Almost in every price category, you can find a model to varying degrees, satisfying the expectations of the buyer.This(…)

Samsung does not need to RIM and the BlackBerry

Amid rumors that RIM is in talks to sell its own with Samsung, a Canadian company shares rose more than 8%. It was reported that RIM wants to get 50-90% more than the current market capitalization of $ 8.5 billion ($ 12,75-16,15 billion). A few hours later refuted rumors representative of the Korean company Chung, James(…)

In Singapore, the iPhone 4S cook without a camera

Singapore is renowned for its harsh, but fair laws. In particular, the military in this country is forbidden to be on army bases with devices able to perform photo and video. This definition fits the Apple iPhone and other modern smartphones. Therefore, local soldiers are forced to acquire two phones: the first to work on the base and(…)