Rumors: Hewlett-Packard will release Android-tablets and smartphones

Refusing webOS, Hewlett-Packard still try again to prove itself in the promising market of tablets and smartphones. According to ReadWrite, soon American manufacturer announced one of the first Android-tablet hardware platform NVIDIA Tegra 4. As reported ReadWrite, the corporation is considering the smartphones running Android. The final decision is still pending and if HP still(…)

ARM: Android-smartphones and tablets to cost $100

According to the Executive Director of ARM Dipesh Patel, the price remains the main obstacle holding back the growth in popularity of tablets and smartphones running Android. «Should offer more affordable device,” – says Patel. “Only five out of the seven billion people living on Earth have cell phones, and only a billion – smartphones,”(…)

CES 2013: Gaming Headsets Thrustmaster Y-Gaming

Thrustmaster gaming headsets Y-Gaming Headsets: Y-250X for Xbox 360 , Y-250P for PS3 and Y-250C for PC. The 50mm dynamic head set provides a deeper bass than the mid-range, which, in turn delivers greater high-frequency sounds. This distribution corresponds to the alleged performance expectations and demands of gamers: the sound of powerful explosions at a(…)

CES 2013: Speed keyboard SteelSeries Apex and Apex [RAW] for games

At the Consumer Electronics Show, SteelSeries gaming keyboard Apex and Apex [RAW] was revealed. According to the manufacturer, Apex and Apex [RAW] become the world’s fastest response time keyboard, with a lot of improvements in the layout. Among them are the low-profile keys, comfortable rows of buttons for quick access to macros, as well as(…)

CES 2013: Samsung introduces a refrigerator with built-in Android

Samsung Electronics has introduced an expanded line of home appliances Luxury kitchen at CES 2013. The first shown was the refrigerator Samsung T9000 with volume 906 liters and the new four-door form factor.       It has a French Door upper compartment of 550 liters and a lower compartment to the right with a volume(…)

CES 2013: Dell Project Ophelia will climb into the clouds from TV

Dell has announced a solution that allows you to turn compatible TV sets and monitors into Android-powered device with all the benefits of the latter. The device is called Project Ophelia and is something a little more conventional flash. It is stated that it can connect to a TV using Bluetooth-keyboard and mouse, you can(…)

CES 2013: Lenovo ThinkPad Helix combines qualities of ultrabook and tablet

Lenovo has officially unveiled at CES 2013 additions to its series of ThinkPad laptops in the form of a new model of Helix for Windows 8 , which combines some quality compact ultrabook and a tablet. Indeed, the device has a 11.6-inch touch screen, which if necessary can be separated from the base of the(…)

CES 2013: Microsoft IllumiRoom technology will transform any room into a display

Microsoft and Samsung are working on a very interesting and an unusual Idea called IllumiRoom. Its essence is that the image on the monitor is distributed throughout the room. And this is taking into account the geometry of the surrounding space, and as it expands the virtual world with a small two-dimensional surface display in(…)

CES 2013: Samsung curved OLED-TV

During the International Consumer Electronics Show CES 2013, Samsung Electronics introduced OLED-TV in arc shape. As planned by the manufacturer, that makes the content that is displayed on the TV screen, bright, dynamic and as realistic as possible. Curved OLED-TV provides additional opportunities to create a panoramic effect. When viewed on a TV screen Samsung(…)

CES 2013: Samsung Youm flexible display

Samsung introduced a bendable display at CES 2013. This is an interesting technology called Youm. In the past, the Korean manufacturer has shown this invention, but now it looks like it has a finished product – without sticking chips etc. Perhaps the widespread use of this type of display device is already in the offing.(…)