17.3-inch notebook Samsung NP700Z7C-S01US Nike at Ivy Bridge is available for pre-order

Despite recent allegations of delay in volume shipments of mobile processors Intel Ivy Bridge is tentatively until June, at least, some laptop models based on them should be announced in the near future. More proof of this is the appearance in the American catalog retailer J & R has not yet submitted a laptop called Samsung NP700Z7C-S01US Nike,(…)

ASUS K53TA: is there life after Intel?

Hardly anyone would argue with the assertion that Intel is still the market leader for the production of processors and platforms for the PC. Up to now, and long ago. The main competitor of titanium – the company AMD. If the production of graphics processors, AMD takes the American dominant positions, in terms of the creation of microprocessors(…)

First look at ASUS B23E: Most anticipated subnotebook of the year

Revived the “grandfather” by ASUS. It is not clear why she had to do it, but if you look closer, it becomes clear that ASUS took nobody protected niche, which can be roughly described as a “small business notebook with a serious defense.” Great laptop with serious protection we have already met not so long ago –(…)

Gaming Notebook Review MSI GT780DX: the ideal machine for virtual murder

The emergence of the next gaming laptop today is not what causes the excitement to which producers can expect another 5-7 years ago. Boom bulky power configurations at first gave vogue for low-cost multimedia “tag” for the rest home, then the demand for gaming laptops have continued to decline due to regression of the PC gaming(…)

Asus unveiled a new hybrid server platform

Asus has announced a new server platform, Asus RS924A-E6, which is executed in a 2U form factor and is designed for use in high-performance server for large enterprises, complex calculations and data centers. As the first hybrid 2U platform that supports up to four processors and AMD Interlagos two-slot accelerators, it is a powerful computer station with a large disk(…)

HP introduces ultrabook glass

HP coated glass cover almost all Gorilla Glass surface ultrabook called HP Envy 14 Spectre. However, this device can hardly be referred to a promising new category ultrabook because its price starts at $ 1.4 thousand. Manufacturers have begun to actively replenish ultrabook range – after Asustek, Lenovo, Toshiba, Samsung and Hewlett-Packard have joined the(…)

CES 2012: Lenovo shows a new Smart TV, tablets and smartphones

Chinese computer maker Lenovo laptops and today announced new products that the company had prepared for demonstration at CES, opening 2012. Chinese producer shows a new 55-inch TV with smart, new tablets and smartphones, as well as its own cloud service to work with all the new content. A new 55-inch TV K91 runs on Android(…)

CES 2012: Acer shows new ultrabook Aspire S5

Taiwanese manufacturer Acer notebooks today at CES announced the new 2012 model ultrabuka and Takeo new model for internet tablet Iconia Tab. At the same time, the company also presents a cloudy and Internet service AcerCloud for working with data, as well as for remote synchronization of information between devices Acer. The new 13.3-inch Acer Aspire S5(…)

Top 10 notebooks in 2011

The last year of the notebook market was marked by Intel. The American manufacturer has strengthened their already strong positions, finally pushing the only competitor, AMD, in a low-budget corner. The new mobile platform Intel, code-named Huron River, was no less successful than its predecessor. During the first half of the year all the manufacturers gradually transferred their(…)

Notebook Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Hybrid has two CPUs – x86 and ARM

Lenovo has introduced a notebook ThinkPad X1 Hybrid, the first details of which appeared two months ago. New feature is that it is equipped with two processors – Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 and dual-core ARM-chip Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8060, reports The Verge. The laptop can run Windows 7 and Android, and switching between them can be “on the fly.” Google’s(…)