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Google is preparing a “killer” iPhone – Ceramic X Phone

It seems, Google bought Motorola Mobility not just for patents. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, in 2013, the Internet giant plans to release a smartphone designed to compete with the iPhone and the top-end models of Samsung Galaxy. Inside Google the project is known as X Phone, but at the time of release(…)

Sony Xperia TX smartphone

Smartphone Xperia TX presented at this year’s IFA 2012 in Berlin. The unit features an attractive appearance and high functionality. Xperia TX is equipped with 4.6 “touch screen HD-display (1280 x 720 pixels) Reality Display Technology with Mobile BRAVIA Engine, based on Snapdragon S4 chipset with dual-core 1.5-GHz and has on board a 13-megapixel camera(…)

Smartphone Meizu MX2

Less than two weeks later, on November 27, Beijing will announce smartphone Meizu MX2. Invitations have been sent out which look quite unusual. In the press were clear pieces of plastic in the shape of the phone, and the rest were sent paper boxes, similar to the packaging for the phone.   The invitations will(…)

Aisha – India’s “sister” Siri

The Indian company has released a smart phone Micromax Superfone A50 Superfone Ninja, which has a function similar to the voice of intellectual control Apple Siri. Voice technology intelligent control A50 Superfone Ninja is AISHA – Artificial Intelligence Speech Handset Assistance.  It means the owner of the smart phone will be able to run various(…)

Top 10 U.S. cities over the loss of phone

Experts: In 2012, Americans risk losing their mobile phones for $ 30 billion According to the statistics of Lookout, U.S. residents at risk of losing in the 2012 mobile phones worth more than $ 30 billion. In 2011, according to investigators, the Americans lost about 9 million smartphones (approximately one every 3.5 seconds, the phone).(…)

A drop of water turns a smartphone into a microscope

Camera smartphones are becoming better and better, gradually displacing the market with ordinary digital cameras. The weakness they have traditionally been considered an optical system – namely, the lens is too small. The fact that the aperture of the lens depends on its physical size, ie diameter. For obvious reasons, smart phones is almost impossible to insert the(…)

Smartphone Panasonic ELUGA power is already possible to pre-order

Smartphone Panasonic ELUGA Power, which recently showed at Mobile World Congress 2012, is now available for pre-order in UK retailer Clove. The smartphone is quite different advanced features. Features Panasonic ELUGA power: Standard connection: 3G UMTS / HSPA + (14/6 Mbps) 900, 2100 MHz; GSM / GPRS / EDGE 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz Operating(…)

BlackBerry offers the use of conditional knock to unlock phones

It took six years of  Research in Motion (RIM), to obtain a patent for an ingenious interface innovation. Back in 2006, the company Research in Motion has filed a patent application describing a new way to unlock the phone. Instead of consuming the password, you can just tap your finger on the back of the device and the(…)

MWC 2012: Acer CloudMobile smartphone with HD-display

Company Acer, as promised recently demonstrated at the exhibition MWC 2012 its flagship smartphone Acer CloudMobile .The model actually has a 4.3-inch Touch HD-display – the resolution is 1280 x 800 pixels. According to eyewitnesses from the exhibition, a display technology with IPS, really impressive viewing angles. At the same time the work is not done on quad NVIDIA Tegra(…)

iPhone can be hacked using a paper clip

“Hack» iPhone can be used only if the screen is a notification of missed calls. Members of the group of developers iPhoneIslam discovered a security breach iPhone, which allows using a simple paper clip to bypass the password smartphone and access to personal data by the device. “Hack” the device can be used only if(…)