Sort Order by Recent Date on Admin Panel, Opencart

Modify Sort Order by Recent Date for Products on Admin Panel, Opencart: In the file admin/controller/catalog/product.php Find the following code: if (isset($this->request->get[‘sort’])) { $sort = $this->request->get[‘sort’]; } else { $sort = ‘pd.name’; } if (isset($this->request->get[‘order’])) { $order = $this->request->get[‘order’]; } else { $order = ‘ASC’; } Replace with following code: if (isset($this->request->get[‘sort’])) { $sort =(…)

e-Commerce : Cleaning Products in Photoshop

Basic E-Commerce Planning

On search of top e-shopping sites in India? I get on the first page of google: Letsbuy.com Ebay.in Indiavarta.com Futurebazaar.com Indiaplaza.com Homeshop18.com Naaptol.com Shopping.indiatimes.com Trendstreet.in Normally these are the questions which every businessman asks his team or himself: How did they reach the top 9 websites? What was their strategy? Is it just by advertising(…)

Bounce rate in web analytics

What is bounce rate in web analytics? It is a term used in Internet marketing, which is a measurement in percentage of how many visitors visited your website & bounced/ left your website immediately, rather than continued viewing other pages of your website. It is measure by calculating the total no of visitors on only(…)

Consumer Behavior

Nowadays there is a lot of research about the buying behavior online. No one can still understand the pattern of purchase online, its not just one single characteristic of the consumer, it is a group of different characteristics per consumer which is very difficult to measure in the virtual world. Personally I also indulge in(…)

E-Commerce Competition Today

Today e-commerce has gained a lot of popularity. Mostly in the asian countries, people are pouring with e-commerce websites selling anything & everything around. I am myself involved in a great deal of e-commerce activities, my own website www.trendzystreet.com is going to be up soon with designer clothing & accessories for the female audience. In(…)