Ecommerce Search Engine Marketing

Internet commerce Search engine optimization If you are running an internet business, you simply do not want to disregard the benefits of ecommerce SEO(search engine optimisation).  Ecommerce SEO will help you attain more traffic aimed at your web, and help change that targeted traffic into product sales.  Lacking any internet commerce Search engine optimization prepare, you will reduce your results(…)

Questions to Consider in E-Commerce

The following questions are important because the solution you will choose for your electronic store will be based largely on these questions. Let’s go through each of these questions one-by-one so you can better understand their significance. 1) Realistically, what is your budget? Well, you know what they say … “you get what you pay for.” This isn’t always(…)

Effective E-Commerce Design Plan

An effective e-commerce website that will help you meet your business objectives. Creating a good website is difficult. Graphic talent requires a clear understanding of the technology available and search engine registration techniques and skills as a Web browser. However, most web designers are happy when they reach the sole purpose of the site “attractive” is not(…)

8 Reasons Why Bad Web Design Decisions Get Made

Sometimes when I’m struggling to complete a task on a website (or am watching my wife throw her arms up in frustration), I ask myself “What genius decided to build it like that?” Having been on the other side of the web design fence for some years, I’ve come across many reasons why web sites(…)

Who’s Using Online Coupons?

Interesting takeaway: Over 57% of US online shoppers say they are likely to share deals with others. The most common reason (35%) why consumers do not use an online coupon or deal site is because they forget.

What are People Really Buying Online?

Interesting takeaway: In the US in 2010, online purchases accounted for 74% of all music & video sales; the same was true for electronics. Online represented 66% of all clothing purchases.

How Small Businesses Are Engaging In E-commerce

Interesting takeaway: The main reason small businesses cite for not having a website is that they don’t need one. Haha, that’s funny.

How do Colors Affect Online Purchases?

Interesting takeaway: 85% of consumers place color as a (note, not ‘the’) primary reason for why they buy a particular product. Navy blue and teal attracts shoppers on a budget.

Mobile Warming: Hot Trends in M-Commerce

Interesting takeaway: Mobile online commerce in the US increased from $1.4 billion in 2009 to more than $3.4 billion in 2010.

The History of E-commerce

Interesting takeaway: The first home online shopping transaction was in 1984. SSL encryption was introduced in 1994. Also in that year, Pizza Hut had the first recorded Internet sale.