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Indian Kumar has found a way to remove someone else’s Facebook photo

Specialist in IT-security Arul Kumar of India found a critical vulnerability in Facebook Support Dashboard that allowed to delete photos that belong to other users. According to Kumar, the “hole” can be operated in any browser, any version, but the easiest way – using a mobile platform. One of the functions of Support Dashboard – send requests(…)

Social Fixer: improve your Facebook interface and filter messages

Social Fixer – free browser extension that improves the interface of Facebook, removing him from the many annoying details, adding all sorts of useful functionality and enhancements. For example, you can add tabs (tabs) in the news feed. All messages are separated by tabs, making it easy to navigate. Raisin Social Fixer – filtering messages(…)

Export tweets in different formats

If you’re tired of Twitter and you want to leave this site forever, then, if desired you can make a total export of all your tweets. The easiest way to do this is through the service twDocs. The service supports exporting to PDF, DOC, XML, CSV, TXT, XLS and HTML. Archive logs all messages, including(…)

Animated GIFs in profiles of Google+

Google+ has become the first of the major social networks in the world, which allowed the use of animated GIF-files in the profile photo [ ]. It turns out that the story develops in a spiral, since moving pictures were fashionable as avatars on forums even 10-20 years ago, before the advent of the(…)

Facebook will have hashtags

Apparently, the social network Facebook has decided to adopt from its rival one very interesting feature: hashtags. And yes, it will be stolen from Twitter. this innovation will allow Facebook users to easily index the topic, looking events and news that are of interest to them. Hashtags, in fact, is not only a feature of(…)

LinkedIn user base exceeded 200 million

LinkedIn has reached another milestone in its development. The professional social network today announced that the number of users broke the mark of 200 million people in more than 200 countries around the world. LinkedIn operates today in 19 languages, the company said. “I would like to thank you all for the help that together(…)

Pinterest buys culinary service Punchfork

Pinterest launched a corporate M & A-strategy and this week announced the acquisition of service Punchfork, which is a network aggregator for recipes. Neither Pinterest or Punchfork have reported the transaction value, but its conditions are completely closed, the founder of the service, Jeff Miller goes to work at Pinterest. Recall that the photographic social(…)

Facebook – Add photos using drag and drop

In addition to the changes in the privacy policy, making it possible to ensure the delivery of personal messages for a small fee, the world’s largest social network Facebook is noted by a number of interesting innovations. In particular, it adds the ability to upload and share multiple photos at once by drag-and-drop, long familiar(…)

Facebook is testing a paid service to send messages

Social network Facebook has begun testing an experimental feature of paid sending of private messages. Their recipients will be people who are not in the friends list of sender. The experiment was conducted on a limited number of U.S. social network users. The cost of sending messages is not officially disclosed, but according to the(…)

Twitter has reached 200 million active users per month

Twitter announced that it has reached the mark of 200 million active users per month. It is noteworthy that in July 2012 the figure stood at 170 million with the total number of registered users, 500 million, which demonstrates the growing statistics on user activity resource – for example, Pope Benedict XVI recently in 5(…)