In 2012 Google has removed 51 million references from SERPs

The largest number of requests received in the current year are from RIAA. Copyright owners often turn to the major search companies, demanding search results to be removed from searchs. And Google is no exception. According to TorrentFreak, in 2012, the Internet giant has removed more than 51 million websites that violate copyrights. Almost all(…)

What has changed in SEO for Google in 2012?

Over the last 12 months (from November 2011 to November 2012) there have been significant changes in Google, which has affected the work of SEO-specialists. The most frequently used words for webmasters have the reputation and trust. We are talking about the reliability of the site, design, external links, and not about reputation management in(…)

Updated page of Google search results

Google introduced an updated version of the search results page. It has become more convenient and easy. Developers have tried to account for all the variety of options of devices and screens of search engine users. The new design allows it to focus on the responses of search and choose one or another type of(…)

Google AdWords reporting

Google AdWords announced a number of changes to the service. One of the main innovations – a new way to display the reports received by the share of impressions (the number of impressions received advertiser referred to the possible number of impressions for your ad.) The updated version of the number of requests received and(…)

AutoSEO on opencart : deadcow_SEO

DeadCow SEO is the best auto-seo extension that I have come across. It generates seo keywords, meta_keywords,and tags for categories, manufacturers, and products in just one click. But the minor drawback is that it clears all the previous entries each time you generate and you have to manually generate each time you create new categories, manufacturers,(…)

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is marketing focused on getting found by customers. In traditional marketing (outbound marketing), companies focus on finding customers. They use techniques that are poorly targeted and that interrupt people. They use cold-calling, print advertising, T.V. advertising, junk mail, spam, and trade shows. Technology is making these techniques less effective and more expensive. Caller ID(…)

Bing test a new interface on SERPs

As informs this edition of Search Engine Land, Search Engine Bing began testing a new page design with the results of issue. According to the editorial offices, the new interface SERP – a sleek, fresh and well structured. The main changes are the following: the new interface removed the vertical tabs expanded both the upper and lower search string; changed(…)

Google: more information about the issue of “unreliable” sites

A few days ago the chief engineer of Google, Matt Cutts shared with the webmasters of information that the search engine now has expanded coverage of prevention «This site may be compromised» («This site may contain a threat.”) Thus, in his post on Google + Mr. Cutts posted the following message: “We recently launched a change designed to broaden the scope(…)

Engineers from Facebook and Twitter called Google “focus on the user”

According to the publication Business Insider, a team of engineers from Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, offered an alternative to the new search function Search Plus Your World from Google. An alternative design based on organic search results Google, the search engine calls “focus on the user” and avoid hits in the delivery of results and Google +, where(…)

Google treats punctuation marks as search terms

As reported in the pages of unofficial blog Google Operatin System, recently began a search engine perceive the punctuation entered in the search bar as queries. Further, Google gives users the results that are relevant to such inquiries. For example, if the search string “score” the sign [%], the search engine will show the results of the grant,(…)