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The man who “almost broke the Internet”

Two weeks ago Sven Olaf Kamfius (Sven Olaf Kamphuis) was arrested in Spain, of the company Cyberbunker. He was taken to the Netherlands, where he was held in court. Most likely, the lawsuit was filed against Kamfiusa antispam company Spamhaus – a recent victim of DDoS-attacks with the capacity of 300 Gbit/s, which was also(…)

The search continues for the sixth member of LulzSec

Last week in the UK ended the trial of four young boys, three of whom are considered key players in the famous hacker group LulzSec. Previously convicted of two more, including the informal leader Sabu, who for many months was working as an FBI informant . At the same time, law enforcement agencies simply can(…)

Statistics on the botnet Carna

Analyst in Information Security Parth Shukla at the conference AusCERT prepared an interesting presentation dedicated to botnet Carna. Recall that it was through this global botnet that the largest scan of the Internet was carried out for research purposes – Internet Census 2012. For ten months of 2012, all IP-addresses in the address space of(…)

MitmProxy 0.9

The new version of one of the best MiTM HTTP-proxy with support for SSL, having a console interface and allows you to check and edit the traffic flow “on the fly”, and save them for later analysis. According to the words of the program’s Aldo Cortes (Aldo Cortesi), this major release, with numerous improvements in all modules.Previous version(…)

The new 0day-vulnerability in Linux 2.6.37 – 3.8.8

A few days ago an exploit ready was published, which carries an escalation of privileges in Linux 2.6.37 – 3.8.8. The code shown on the link, anyone can compile and run on your system, checking its operation. If it does not work, it’s not a reason to calm: it may just need a more qualitative exploit. Detailed explanation of(…)

Convert PDF to HTML5 without losing formatting

pdf2htmlEX – a great tool to convert PDF documents into normal HTML-page with formatting. Converter is surprisingly good at handling various documents, including research papers, journals, and other formulas. A few examples for demonstration. Typography (LaTeX): HTML / PDF Cheat Sheet (mathematical formulas): HTML / PDF The scientific article (text and graphics): HTML / PDF Full Circle Magazine (for Linux-based community): HTML / PDF Git guide : HTML / PDF You can try on their files converter(…)

Hardware acceleration of H.264 in Firefox

In this most recent build of Firefox Nightly (next stable Firefox 23) includes support for H.264 video hardware acceleration. This feature will be included in the stable releases for different operating systems.For example, in Firefox 21 (in a few days), hardware support for H.264 is scheduled for release on Windows 7. In the next release of Firefox 22 (a few(…)


In modern operating systems, there is an interesting feature – they have complete trust in devices such as a keyboard or mouse. Accordingly, if you build the device, which will emulate the desired input, and connect it to your computer, you can do anything. WARNING:The information is provided solely for educational purposes. Any use in improper purpose(…)

Honeypot with fake passwords to hackers

It took just 18 hours after the expert in information security Kyle Wilhoit (Kyle Wilhoit) connected to the Internet with two fake and one real SCADA-system – and they have already started to attack someone. The widespread popularity among script kiddies search engines such as Shodan, as well as basic tools for hacking turns every industrial(…)