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Zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer already exploited by hackers

While Microsoft is intended to correct some of the flaws in their products with patches that were released on Tuesday, the experts found a zero-day vulnerability in most versions of Internet Explorer. According to the researchers, this gap is exploited by hackers. The company FireEye, dealing with security issues, reported the vulnerability last weekend. The(…)

Wireshark goes with GTK + to Qt

October 15 released a new version of the popular packet sniffer and traffic analyzer Wireshark 1.11.0 (version for developers). It was the first in which the user interface is translated from the usual library GTK + for Qt . Both of these tools allow you to write cross-platform code without having to rewrite a lot(…)

The “Shield”. Google will protect the weak from DDoS-attacks

A world map of DDoS-attacks like a map of hostilities of World War III, “the United States against all.” The huge flow of traffic going to the United States, Americans are shot poorly on China, their support several other countries. The situation is constantly changing, sometimes connected to the shootings Russia, Ukraine and other countries.(…)

Trojan captures Android.Spy.40.origin Android-smartphones

Domestic company “Doctor Web” reported an outbreak of a new Trojan Android.Spy.40.origin, designed for OS Google Android. So far, he’s seen only in South Korea, but it is unlikely he will be based in this country and beyond. Trojan Android.Spy.40.origin can leak on a smartphone is completely transparent, and even anti-virus system will not sound(…)

How to turn Android-powered device into a tool for pentesting?

The market of mobile phones and tablet computers flooded the millions of devices running Android. Sometimes I wonder, how could Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie imagined that their creation, which is about 44 years old, will affect the core of Linux, Google, Apple and so on. Now we are surrounded by a sea of devices(…)

10 Apps to Secure Your iPhone

As long as Apple did not provide a full-featured antivirus for iPhone, there are several points to be taken by each user IPhone to protect your device. A great variety of other functionality, such as password management, or the introduction of additional protection for sensitive files, implemented in the applications of third parties. Given the(…)

Documentation on the exploits nginx 1.3.9/1.4.0 x86 Brute Force Remote Exploit

Introduction In May 2013 nginx in your mailing list released information about a new CVE vulnerability and tips to enhance security.┬áThe vulnerability was discovered by Greg McManus, an expert iSIGHT Partners Labs. CVE-2013-2028 is determined as follows: Ngx_http_parse_chunked function in http / ngx_http_parse.c in versions 1.3.9 to 1.4.0 allows an attacker to remotely cause a(…)

Secure data transmission. How to do without “clouds”?

Companies today are becoming more decentralized, competition intensifies. The faster a company responds to changes in the competitive environment, the more flexible it is working with the end users. Every business has a lot of contractors, firms, partners, clients who need to share information, including confidential. Users from different countries and organizations can work in(…)

Hacker Denis Chalovskaya released

?alovski was supposed to go to trial in the U.S., but the ECHR ruled not to extradite him to another state. In Lugansk, in September of this year, were arrested hackers, carders. With the aid of a simple device they produced duplicate cards and thus removed the large sums of money that were stored in(…)

Torrent trackers to be blocked by IP-address

Alexei Volin believes that torrent trackers need to apply the same measures as to porn sites. As ITAR-TASS quoted the Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Media Alexei Volin, in the Russian sector of the Internet , there are about 160 pirate sites, ten of which are very popular. The deputy head of the Ministry(…)